CASARA Deer Lake (YDF) currently has 14 members, serving roles such as Zone Commander, Deputy Zone Commander, Search Master Assistant, Training Coordinator, and various flight crew roles.


The flight crew roles are Pilot, Navigator, and Spotter:

Pilots are required to have a private license or greater, and at least 200 hours total and 150 hours PIC. Pilots for CASARA Ottawa are also required to maintain a flight currency of 8 hours in 120 days in addition to the standards set by CASARA National.

Navigators may be pilots (current or not) or non-pilots with training and/or an aptitude for airborne navigation. Non-pilot members with an interest in becoming search navigators will be provided the training required to start the search navigation training. All navigators are provided with search navigation training to meet operational requirements.

Spotters may be anyone with good health and eyesight, and who is comfortable in light aircraft. Spotters are the key personnel on the flight as most searches are visual and the spotters are the eyes of the flight.

Search Master Assistants perform the duties of a Mission Co-ordinator or Search Master for a specific air search operation. They work with members of the Canadian military to plan and facilitate searches in their familiar, local area.